Tottenham vs Southampton Review

  • 1st Half- Tottenham played out a draw against the saints which featured goals from Harry Kane and James Ward Prowse. Saints dominated Spurs as soon as the match started. JWP beauty of a shot got Saints the goal. Ralph Hasenhüttl's team werent happy with just 1 goal as they were pressing relentlessly, But in the 39'th minute Winks played a through ball to Son as he ran towards the goal before he was taken down by Salisu inside the box for which he got a red card and kane converted that penalty into a goal.

VAR was involved in some drama yet again as this beauty of a ball by winks was finished for a goal by kane was announced offside. This clearly wasnt an offside and this shouldve been an goal

  • 2nd Half- Tottenham were dominant for the whole of 2nd half but failed to put the ball in the net. A Foster and Doherty incident happened in which both jumped for the ball but the keeper fumbled the ball and it went in the goal which was disallowed, This was another goal which shouldve counted. All in all Spurs shouldve won the match but Southampton amazing defense work stopped it from happening

  • Player Ratings-

  1. Lloris- 7 Didnt really had much work to do the shot from JWP was impossible to save

  2. Sanchez- 8 Looked solid at the back and was really involved in Spurs attacking phase

  3. Dier- 7 Half decent show from dier did some work all in all average match

  4. Ben Davies- 7.5 Strong showing was offside for a goal

  5. Regulion- 6.5 Shouldve doont better in attacking phase

  6. Winks- 8.5 Proper performence got an assist and was really good

  7. Emerson-7 Average really

  8. Hojberg- 7 Couldve pulled the trigger on some long shots but had some decent passes

  9. Dele- 5 When Salisu was on the pitch dominated Alli and not a good perfomence by him

  10. Kane- 8.5 Got a goal for him couldve gotten another but a decent shift

  11. Son- 7 Average..........

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